EyesWeb Week 2008

The 2nd Tutorial on the EyesWeb Open Platform


2nd EyesWeb Week

Following the 1st EyesWeb Week, held in February 2006, InfoMus Lab is pleased to announce the 2nd EyesWeb Week, a tutorial aiming at sharing with participants the experience of InfoMus Lab - Casa Paganini in scientific and technological developments as well as in artistic production matured around the EyesWeb project. The EyesWeb project focuses on different aspects of non-verbal multimodal communication, including human full-body movement and musical gesture, and aims at understanding the affective and expressive content gesture conveys. The research project is centered around the EyesWeb XMI open hardware and software platform, for developing real-time multimedia applications characterised by multimodal interaction. Research and development in the EyesWeb project are partially supported by several EU IST-ICT and national projects.
This one-week tutorial aims at providing scientists, technicians, and artists with the opportunity to master and explore in detail the EyesWeb project and open platform. Lectures and experiments are structured in different tracks: a track is specifically designed for dancers, choreographers, musicians, and content creators. A parallel track concerns the internals and core architecture of the new EyesWeb XMI platform and related libraries for multimodal analysis, and it is focused for computer engineers and professionals. Participants will be introduced to the different aspects of the EyesWeb project, from design to implementation of experience-centric mediated interactive systems to software and system engineering issues.
Previous artistic works participated and co-designed by InfoMus Lab (see www.infomus.org and www.casapaganini.org) will be analysed and experienced with sample concrete implementations in EyesWeb. Sample hands-on and installations will be faced, also according to participants' skills and demands.

Special events. This year the EyesWeb Week will host two special sessions:
- the EU project Culture 2007 Co-Me-Di-A
- the project "Meta morfologie musicali", by Roberto Doati, Conservatorio di Genova

Venue. The EyesWeb Week will be held at Casa Paganini (see our home page at www.casapaganini.org). Casa Paganini is located in the ancient complex of the ex-monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in the heart of the historical centre of Genova. The 230-seats auditorium is a fascinating space of the 14th century, covered by a vault completely decorated with frescos. Casa Paganini also includes several museum rooms and is the site of InfoMus Lab since 2005.

Registration. Participants are asked to register by filling the registration form available at the InfoMus website (see www.infomus.dist.unige.it/EywWeek2008). Participants are invited to highlight their interests and the reasons for their participation. Registration fees are the following:
Track on EyesWeb programming (SDK, etc.): 130 Euro
Track on artistic developments in EyesWeb: 60 Euro

Lecturers and educational staff. The main core software engineers and researchers at InfoMus Lab will do the seminars and the experimental work, with the help of artists and scientists who have cooperated with the Lab in the last years.

International Committee Antonio Camurri, Corrado Canepa, Paolo Coletta, Mirko Demurtas, Alessandro Fausto, Simone Ghisio, Donald Glowinski,Alberto Massari, Barbara Mazzarino, Massimiliano Peri, Andrea Ricci, Roberto Sagoleo, Giovanna Varni, Gualtiero Volpe - InfoMus Lab; Roberto Doati, Conservatorio di Genova "Niccolò Paganini", Scuola di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie; Alexander Jensenius, Oslo University; Ben Knapp, SARC, Queens University of Belfast; Nicola Bernardini; Alvise Vidolin, C.S.C. Universita' di Padova.

Organisation: Roberta Fraguglia, Francesca Sivori, Marzia Simonetti, InfoMus Lab.

In collaboration with Associazione Centro Italiano Studi Scrjabiniani

With the partial support of EU Culture2007 Project Co-Me-Di-A and the project Meta morfologie musicali


Deadline for submissionof projects Monday 21st January 2008
Deadline for registration Wednesday 30thJanuary 2008
EyesWeb Week 11th - 15th February 2006

Download PDF version of the announcement here.