The 5th International Workshop on Gesture and Sign Language based Human-Computer Interaction



Have a look at the following website:

It is an association of bed & breakfast we have contacts with.
You can contact them, mentioning that you will attend Gesture Workshop, and they will find an accommodation for you (as far as rooms are available).

E-mail address:

It is a very good and cheap solution.


It is a very good accommodation in between bed&breakfast and traditional hotels. 
In Genova there are many of these institutes that normally rent rooms to university students. 
If you look at the
Genova Tourist Office website you can find them. Here you can find details about one of these institute we contacted.


If you prefer traditional hotels, you can have a look at the website of the Genova Tourist Office (APT): go in "Tourist Accommodation" and then in "Hotels". Search for a hotel in the center of Genova ("Localities": GENOVA CENTRO). The numbers in "Class" refer to the quality of the hotel measured in "stars" (5 stars is the top mark).

A short list of hotels situated near the Workshop location can be found here below. You can directly contact them by visiting their websites.


Bristol Palace Via XX Settembre 35   5 min
City Via San Sebastiano 6   2 min
Jolly Hotel Plaza Via Martin Piaggio 11 15 min
Moderno Verdi Piazza G. Verdi 5 10 min
Starhotel President Via Corte Lambruschini 4 12 min
Astoria Piazza Brignole 4   8 min
La Capannina Via Tito Speri 7 50 min
Metropoli Vico dei Migliorini 8   5 min
Assarotti Via Assarotti 40 C   8 min
Bel Soggiorno Via XX Settembre 19    5 min
Bruxelles Margherita Via XX Settembre 19     5 min
Cairoli Via Cairoli 14/4   8 min
Colombo Via Porta Soprana 27   3 min
Soana Via XX Settembre 23     3 min
Argentina Via Gropallo 4                    (tel. +39 010 8393722)
12 min
Carola Via Gropallo 4                    (tel. +39 010 8391340)
12 min
Tommaseo Via Montesuello 18/4        (tel. +39 010 367826) 15 min