The 5th International Workshop on Gesture and Sign Language based Human-Computer Interaction


The International Gesture Workshop is a forum where researchers working on gesture-based interfaces and gestural interaction present and exchange ideas and research currently in progress, with a cross-disciplinary focus. This workshop encompasses all aspects of gestural interaction. In addition to welcoming submission of work by established researchers, it is the tradition of the GW series of workshops to encourage submission of student work at various stages of completion. Submissions include papers, posters, demonstrations. GW2003 is the 5th workshop after the 1996 gesture workshop in York (UK) considered as the starting event. Since then, International Gesture Workshops have been held roughly every second year, with fully reviewed post-proceedings typically published by Springer-Verlag. Further information can be found on the GW2003 web page and on the Gesture Workshops web page. GW2003, organized by the InfoMus Lab at DIST - University of Genova, will be held at Auditorium "E.Montale" at the Opera House of Genoa Teatro Carlo Felice. The workshop will consist of three full days of sessions presenting research papers, posters, and demonstrations. Sessions and/or presentations from EU-IST Projects are also encouraged. Special events (e.g., concert, multimedia event / demo / performance) are also planned.

Under the focus of human-computer communication, the workshop will encompass all aspects of gestural interaction, including but not restricted to the following:

Nature of Gesture, Foundational issues: what are gestures?
Gestural communication
Gesture perception and production
Expressive Gesture
Cross-fertilisation of humanistic, artistic, and scientific theories on gesture
Analysis, Segmentation, and Synthesis of Gesture

Fusion of gestures and modalities: architectures, representations
Temporal relations between gestures in different modalities
Musical gesture and gesture in musical performance
Co-verbal gestures

User issues, usability studies, application paradigms
Multisensory Interfaces
Interactive Multimedia Systems
New media
Therapy and Rehabilitation
Systems for Sign Language processing
Music and performing arts


Submission of papers Monday 20th January 2003
Submission of posters and demonstrations Monday 20th January 2003
Notification of acceptance/rejection Monday 17th February 2003

Submissions can be in the form of papers, posters or demonstrations. The language should be English, the language of the workshop. As the conference is multidisciplinary, where possible, language should be used that will be understood across disciplines, i.e., reduce the use of jargon to a minimum. Submissions should be sent electronically in PDF, MS word (DOC), or RTF format to the following e-mail address:

Research papers present new and original contributions to the field. In the tradition of the GW series of workshops, submission of student work at various stages of completion is also encouraged.
Length: up to 12 pages.

Posters will provide the opportunity to interact and discuss with workshop participants. Posters will be displayed along the three days of the workshop.
Length: up to 2 pages.

Demonstrations of working prototypes of new hardware\software systems for gestural human-computer interaction will be planned during the workshop.
Demonstrations should be submitted as a 2-page description, including any required technical support (e.g., power, lighting, space).

In line with the practice of previous gesture workshops, accepted participants will be invited to submit their papers for publication in a subsequent high-quality peer-reviewed publication. In previous years, these post-proceedings have been published by Springer.