Humaine Summer School 2006







Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion

EU IST Network of Excellence

January 2004 - December 2007



3rd HUMAINE EU Summer School

Call for submission and participation


Casa Paganini - InfoMus Lab, DIST, University of Genova, Italy

September 22-28, 2006


 The school aims at a deeper understanding of the emotional processes and a better exploitation of this knowledge for the development of emotion-oriented systems. Research topics will be addressed by HUMAINE partners and invited researchers. The HUMAINE EU Summer School will include seminars, tutorials, round tables, and experimental activities. The latter will be finalised to the setup of a final public concert, where continuous measurement and investigation on emotional phenomena in music performance will be faced.

Target: Professors, Researchers, Post-Doc, and PhD students.

Dates: September 22-28, 2006.

Site: Casa Paganini, Piazza S.Maria In Passione 34, Genova, Italy.

Local organisation: University of Genova, DIST, InfoMus Lab.


Expressions of interest and submissions from HUMAINE partners are encouraged in the three following main themes:

        The multimodal nature of emotional phenomena: analysis of facial, vocal and gestural components of an emotional process toward the investigation of a synchronized behaviour.

        How to model and measure low-level and high-level mechanisms of emotional communication in social interaction, with particular focus on the role of imitation/synchronization (low-level) and empathy (high-level) in processes regulating cognition and action.

        Relations between movement/gesture and emotion: which are the movement cues explaining emotion, for both analysis and synthesis purposes? Which models on multimodal emotional behaviour can be built from human movement analysis of affective videos?

The HUMAINE Summer School will include a Tutorial on "Multimodal Analysis of Gesture for Continuous Measurements": this tutorial will include experimental work with EyesWeb (, and will be finalised to the experiments and measures planned for the Premio Paganini Concert on 28 September.

A special session for presentations of young researchers' works is also foreseen.

Participation to the Summer School implies the willingness for an active engagement in the activities. This active engagement is requested in order to increase time for discussion and joint work, case studies, work groups and so on.

Credits are foreseen for PhD students subject to the assessment of their work and contribution to the Summer School.

Fees: Free for member partners of HUMAINE  and of companion EU project Enactive and S2S2. A 200 Euro fee is applied to selected external participants.

Important dates

- Expression of interest: June 15, 2006

- Submission: July 15, 2006

- Deadline for registration: August 20, 2006

- Summer School: September 22-28, 2006.


Expression of interest and submissions:

please contact the organizers at



participants are asked to register by filling the form at the following address:

Participants external of the HUMAINE project and of the companion project ENACTIVE and S2S2 also have to provide their curriculum, highlighting their interests and the reasons for their participation.

For further information please look at and

With the participation of the EU-IST Network of Excellence ENACTIVE and the IST Coordination Action "Sound to Sense - Sense to Sound".

Local Organising Committee:

Antonio Camurri

Ginevra Castellano

Donald Glowinski

Andrea Schenone

Marzia Simonetti

Francesca Sivori

Giovanna Varni

Gualtiero Volpe

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