Integration issues

Integration is a main concern in the MEGA project.
A main goal is the integration of movement, music and visual languages in order to design novel paradigms of interaction, mapping strategies, and multimedia interfaces grounded on the real-time multimodal analysis and synthesis of expressive content in music, gesture, and visual languages.
Integration takes place on different levels:

(i) during the research phases that take into account in a multimodal perspective choreography languages (e.g., Laban's Theory of Effort), audiovisual languages of cinema (e.g., techniques for raising expectation, anticipation of cause-effect mechanisms, etc.) and of videogames interfaces, theories on music composition and music performance,

(ii) during the development of the analysis and synthesis algorithms, i.e., the development of the analysis algorithms has to consider the results obtained in experiments on expressive content synthesis and vice versa,

(iii) in the implementation of the developed techniques: for this purpose, the MEGA project developed the MEGA System Environment, based on the EyesWeb open platform as kernel, a basic hardware and software architecture allowing easy integration of software modules and fast prototyping.

Furthermore, research has also to take into account the particular application field that the project addresses: to this aim and in order to better understand how the different languages can be integrated from a multimodal point of view, the project involves since from its early stages well-known content creators and artists (e.g., composers, dancers, choreographers, performers, directors) already working in the teams of most partners.